Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Unwasted Life

We all want to live a life that is not wasted. The questions is how are we supposed to live a life to the fullest which is not wasted? First of all we must accept Jesus Christ and His saving power, through His death and resurrection on the cross, and that He is the only name under heaven to call upon for complete freedom from eternal separation from the King of Kings for all eternity. We all have a specific calling from the Lord Jesus Christ and a purpose for living. We must pray for the Holy Spirit to show us how the best way is to accomplish our mission from God who wants to see us fulfill His plan for our lives and see us succeed for Hm. We can be called to be professional athletes in sports such as basketball, baseball, football, soccer, golf, hockey, rugby and tennis. We can be movie stars, musical artists in the genres of Gospel, Hip Hop, R@B, Country, Jazz, and Rock@Roll. We can be pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and church Elders or deacons. We can be authors of books ranging from children stories to adult novels and anywhere in between. We are all specifically called by God to bring glory to Him and to bring people unto repentance at the feet of Jesus Christ and to tell them about the hope that is within us. We must give our best effort in whatever God called us to be and to exalt His name on the platform that He has blessed us with. So when we struggle with our calling and people see that we ac differently in certain circumstances such as staying calm, praying, or encouraging others who are going through the same problems that we are then we must tell them why we are acting positively in a negative situation and shine our light of Jesus Christ in the darkness of this world.

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