Saturday, July 25, 2009


What are you listening to on your ipod? Do you listen to podcasts? I enjoy podcasts so much because they are for the time of your life when you are either listening to music that you enjoy when you are running, when you are working and listening for music, and when you are listening to music when you are relaxing. Now when you listen to Christian podcasts some of the music and teachings are solid Biblically, sound in doctrine, glorifying to God, and worth listening to. Biola and Liberty U and other Christian colleges that have podcasts are worth listening to. The podcast called Wretched with Todd Friel is also worth listening to. Finally Sharing the Victory by Fellowship of Christian Athletes is also a great podcast where Christians who are athletes and coaches in professional sports are speaking about how they witness to fellow athletes about Jesus Christ and His saving power. So if you have time to listen to your ipod I encourage you to take a look at Christian podcasts and to listen to them. Podcasts are another way to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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