Sunday, July 19, 2009

In the world, not of the world

We as Christians are called to be in the world and not of the world. We must apply ourselves to things of Christ, and not things of the world. God wants us to completely devote our time. our money, our possessions, our strength, our wisdom, our love, our hope, our mercy, our grace, our whole being unto the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. We cannot serve both God and the world, we must choose one or the other. Now we are called to be lights in the world like a city on a hill, so that we can shine the light of Jesus Christ upon the darkness of this world and so that people can come to repentance and salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. We are not called to continue to live in our sins, we must change toward holiness which can be provided by trusting in Christ alone and lead by the Holy Spirit. Now this preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will cost us. It could cost us our friends, our money, our time, our relationships with business people, our marriage, our life that we hold so dear. My question is do you care more about the life that you have, or the life that Jesus Christ has set aside specifically for you, so that you may glorify God the Father in heaven by completing the tasks and commandments He has given to us? We will be mocked, spit at, have punches thrown at, maybe even be killed for Christ Jesus but that is the price that He paid for our souls. Brothers and sisters in Christ I pray that we will carry the Gospel and the cross of Christ with boldness and an all out passion for the Lord Jesus so that we may please the Lord and He will say, well done my good and faithful servant. We want the Lord to say that more than we want a person to say, well done my good and faithful friend.

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