Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am going to be a Senior in high school this year and I am looking into colleges I can attend after my time in high school. I am looking closely for a place where I can grow closer in my relationship with Jesus Christ my Saving King, who calls for bold people, to serve Him, no matter what the shape, size, ethnicity, or age you are and whether or not you have a physical ailment or not. I have become personally intrigued by Liberty University and BIOLA University. From what I have seen and heard from each school is that they are both schools on fire for Jesus Christ, which means I am looking forward to going to schools like them. I am looking for a school to go to that will allow me to grow daily both in my relationship with Jesus Christ and in my mental ability to be strengthened so I can better serve in the ministry God has called me to be a member of. I want to enjoy community with fellow believers in Jesus Christ who love to discuss the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help us others out who have a desire to proclaim and defend the truth of King Jesus Christ. Fellowship, belief in Jesus Christ, and love for King Jesus and His commandments are what I am looking for in college.

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