Saturday, July 18, 2009


All these politicians and leaders in the government, or power structures in the world preach change. I partially agree with them on the need for change. My concern with change however is a need for a Bible-centered change. This change I am looking forward to is a change where people will put aside their wants including movies, television, books, friends, family, sports, money, hobbies and plans for the future, and instead focus on the love and grace that Jesus Christ has shown to us from His entire life on the earth by teaching His disciples, all the way up to the death in which He carried His was yelled at and mocked, was told to be crucified by a crowd which wanted our sinless Savior to die instead of Barrabas who was a murderer. He bled for 6 hours, was soaked with vinegar, had a spear forced into His side, had a crown of thorns on His head, had large nails pounded into his hands and feet, and if you think all of this is bad which I promise you it is, the worst thing of all is that God the Father turned His face away from Jesus on the cross because our sin cannot be in the presence of our righteous and holy God. Jesus bore our sins, our shame, our anger, and God's wrath, because Jesus loved us enough to offer His life as a sacrifice for our sins and make a way for our unworthy lives to have a chance to live for eternity in glory with the only completely worthy one, that being God. As President Obama has his State of the Union Address, I have my address to the world which is calling for change. May we start reading our Bibles every day and obey what we read, may we bless others by being there for them in their moment of distress because this world is filled with problems of every kind, may we pray on behalf of those who are in need, may we love others so much that we might even go and die for them, may we study God's Word together and in that studying of the Holy Bible may we grow in fellowship with the believers in Jesus Christ, who according to John 3:16 was given to us from God the Father out of the great love that God has for us so that whosoever believe in the name of Jesus Christ shall be saved from eternal separation from Him.

Be bold for Jesus Christ my brothers and sisters in the faith and change through the power of the Holy Spirit,
Mark Cannon

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