Friday, July 31, 2009


What is the best time for someone of something to grow? For me the answer was when I had a broken heart, and was broken down crying out to God. Personally I was verbally hurt, mentally doubting God's love in that moment, then I prayed for God to help me in my broken state of mind, and then I started writing fb notes to get my mind off of things, and then I began reading the Bible consistently and He is giving me His truth more than I could ever imagine. I know being broken is not easy, but look in nature and how things that are broken can grow and work well. The rain clouds break up sending forth rain, flowers blossom or the top breaks and you see a beautiful flower, butterflies come out of a broken cocoon. To be broken is to go before God, in a heart crying out for direction in humility as King Josiah when he prayed to live for the Lord when no one else was going to because they misplaced the Book of the Law. Paul was broken down, because his friends abandoned him in prison, all but Luke. King David was broken in half of the book of Psalms when he cries out to God during his problematic situations. The best form of brokenness is the body of Jesus Christ which was whipped, spit at, nailed, speared and broken so that we may come to salvation in His name for eternity in glory in heaven magnifying the worthy, holy name of God. When we are tired our brokenness come to the front of our minds, because we are low in energy or tired of going through the same things in terms of ruined relationships, hurt feelings, anger, and doubt. That is why God is the true vine and we are the branches, he who abides in Jesus will have Jesus abide with them. We can find rest in the arms of Jesus so in times of stress, we must be still and listen for the still small voice. We have a spirit of boldness, confidence, love, peace, kindness, and joy, and not a spirit of anger, and timidity. So if you have been hurt, broken, felt pain from someone intentionally as I have had before, please know that Jesus Christ can bear your burdens for you, please know that He loves you as much as the person who despises you and if they are Christians who despise you then give them to God, pray for them, and do your part to serve them and live for Christ, it will throw them off maybe and if it does not then you will be serving and loving Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving your neighbor as yourself, which includes the people who hate you, despise you, cause you pain intentionally and do not care that you are existing at the present moment, which is really tough to experience and I pray that if that happens we can show the love of Christ Jesus our King.

I am a broken man, saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ,
Mark Cannon

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