Thursday, April 23, 2009

Your Best Effort

God expects you to do your best in all you do for Him. Now your best is not the best of someone else. Some people may be more effective at preaching the Gospel than you are, and some may be less effective. Some people may be able to memorize more Scripture than you can and others cannot. Some may be more athletic, stronger, faster, or more coordinated than you are. Just because some people might have more talent at a sport than you do does not mean that you cannot give your best effort in competing against them. God has given each of us special gifts and talents that He wants us to accomplish our goals to the best of our abilities. God requires our best effort because He went above and beyond in order to save us from our sins. God died on the cross for sins, He taught many people, despite the fact that there were those who hated Him and wanted Him to be killed. People rejected Him, spit upon Him, and whipped Him until He was unrecognizable. Jesus was rejected, so it is natural that people will reject us. Despite the fact that people you thought you knew reject you, God still expects you to give your best effort in all you do even if your circumstances or experiences with people have not been up to your liking. Being rejected as an athlete can be a good thing even though it may not seem like it. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, but he did not let that get to him. He gave his best effort to the game of basketball and he became the best player ever, and he won 6 NBA Titles.

Never give up and always give your best effort for God,
Mark Cannon

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Mikes said...

God deserves no less than the best!