Tuesday, April 7, 2009


What is our true identity? I have become a huge fan of the Christian rapper Lecrae who really puts all his effort and time into glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ through his songs. One song that has been in my mind the last few days is his song Identity. I'm not the shoes I wear I'm not the clothes I buy I'm not the house I live in I'm not the car I drive, no I'm not the job I work You can't define my word We're livin' on God's reverse Identity is found in Christ, found in Christ. This is one of the lines of the song and it is so true that we as human beings can put stuff ahead of Jesus Christ, whether that be our sports, our clothes, our homes, our jobs, or our money. What will your identity be, will you let your possessions define who you are, or will you shine for Jesus Christ who so richly blesses us every day in every way, and will you allow Him to define how you live. If you are truly living for the Lord, then you will love Him and love your neighbor. Your neighbor is your friends, your enemies, and those who are less fortunate than you or more fortunate than you, basically we are all neighbors, and it is God's command for us to love one another.

Jesus Christ is my true identity, is He yours?
Mark Cannon

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