Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We can be so distracted by the world and the things it provides. Men can be distracted by their girlfriends, their jobs, their sports, and their food. Women can be distracted by their boyfriends, their clothes, their shoes, their hair, and their jobs. We are fallen creatures who are easily distracted by the world. Another aspect of life that distract us is electronics. Some people in high school and college are distracted by their cell phones, laptops, and ipods. There are many objects in life that can distract us from our ability to spend time with our loved ones, and most importantly distract us from spending time with our Heavenly Father God who desires our love and our time. Our time is the best way to show someone we care about them. God made us to have a relationship with us, and if we do not spend the time to get to know the Lord then we will live as well as people who spends their time in the Word of God, praying for other believers, and encouraging others by showing the love of the Lord to everyone they meet.

Overcoming distractions day by day,
Mark Cannon

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