Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Life on earth is a test for our eternal life. If we allow life to overcome us through the things it offers us such as the media, sports, girlfriends, boyfriends, money, and food, then we will not be able to have an eternal life with our gracious Heavenly Father God. Now I am not saying these are bad things, not at all, but they do become bad if that is what we put our focus on and turn our lives away from God. Man cannot serve two masters, it will be God or the world. If you choose the world, then you might enjoy yourself and the parties you attend, the people you meet might bring you pleasure, and you might just have a great time. But this is only for a time, God has appointed for man once to live and once to die, and then comes judgment. Those who choose the world will be judged by God and He will tell them, depart from Me, I never knew you. But if you decide to choose the Lord Jesus Christ, you will not have the happiest life of all, but you will have the most joyful life of all. Jesus Christ was beaten, spit upon, beaten until He was unrecognizable, hated, and betrayed, and died on a cross, but He stayed faithful to His call to God, and He is at the right hand of God Almighty in Heaven. If we are to truly serve the Lord, we will have persecution in this life, but we can take heart because Jesus Christ our Lord overcame the world, overcame evil, and overcame death. God blesses those who accept Him. Even if they do not feel that blessing in this life, they will experience it Heaven with the Lord in eternal glory.

Praying for all the Christ followers in the world to live a life on fire for Jesus,
Mark Cannon

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