Monday, August 24, 2009

Greek terms

We need to know the Bible and the important terms in the Bible, I will do my best to dig and find Greek terms for the words we use in English.

English Translation Original Word Transliterated Word

love ajgavph agape

lovers of God filovqeoß philotheos

love for mankind filanqrwpiva philanthropia

brotherly love filadelfiva philadelphia

beloved ajgapavw agapao

love of money filarguriva philarguria

joy kaucavomai kauchaomai

joyful carav chara

to enjoy ajpovlausiß apolausis

endure hardness kakopaqevw kakopatheo

endure affliction kakopaqevw kakopatheo

endure uJpofevrw hupophero

endure fevrw phero

hope for ejlpivzw elpizo

crucify afresh ajnastaurovw anastauroo

crucify with sustaurovw sustauroo

faith ejlpivß elpis

faithful pistovß pistos

faithfully pistovß pistos

serve diakonevw diakoneo

serve douleuvw douleuo

King (of Jews) basileuvß basileus

King (God or Christ) basileuvß basileus

King (of Israel) basileuvß basileus

have glory doxavzw doxazo

full of glory doxavzw doxazo

humble (one's) self tapeinovw tapeinoo

life bivoß bios

raised to life again ajnavstasiß anastasis

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