Thursday, September 3, 2009

God works through anyone!!!!!!!!!

There are many examples of God working through people and even a donkey. His Word will not come back void, so every time the Word of God is preached, spoken for people to hear, written for people to see, discussed for people to retain, taught for people to obey, acted upon for people to understand how to live, anyway the Word of God is communicated, He has a purpose for, His plan is amazing and the Law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul. Not all Christians are pastors, or writers, or teachers, but we are all granted gifts from the Holy Spirit!!We must use these gifts to further the Kingdom of God in the world!! We all bring something unique to the table, some are teachers, some are preachers, some are scholars, some are writers, some are musicians, some are poets, some are business men and women, some are caretakers, some are tax collectors, some are tent makers, some are scholars, some are parents, some are children, some are blind, some are deaf, some are mute, some are living in the farthest reaches of the world, and some are living in expensive houses, some are scientists, some are military people, whatever you are or do for a living, God has a purpose for your life, a direction for you to go. Your family has been chosen specifically by God, your hair, your eyes, your nose, the color of your skin, the hands and feet you have serve Jesus in ways you never thought possible. He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ the God/man to be a propitiation or sacrifice for our sins, and His death cleans us and makes us to be seen as righteous before our holy and awesome God!!!! Now sometimes you feel like you are not worth anything to people, maybe you feel like you cannot contribute anything to a certain group of people, maybe you let the struggles of the world pollute your mind which in turn clouds your view of God!!! I am living proof that God can take a mess of a person and be allowed to glorify Christ, and I know you are to. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God! But guess what, while we were yet sinners, Jesus Christ died for us, now, to say we are not worth anything or incapable of serving Christ is not the right thing to do, Jesus Christ died for us in our sins, He knows us, He knows we mess up, He lets those who are willing serve Him and bring glory to His name!! The pharisees were the most religious people in the time of Christ, they did not believe in Christ being God however so they said He was blasphemous comparing Himself or calling Himself God. What is even more amazing is that the disciples of Jesus Christ were ordinary people, a tax collector, some fishermen, a doctor, even a guy who used to take pleasure in the death of followers of Christ. So if you complain about the situation your are in which I do as well, we are not glorifying God, He tells us not to worry, but trust in Him and His joy is our strength so do not worry. Remember, we all have a purpose for the Lord to grow in us, and He will complete it to His glory. Also Jesus said the first shall be last and the last shall be first, so those who think they are all that and a bag of potato chips on the earth will be humbled by God, and those who have a humble and contrite heart and spirit filled with worship, praise and honor for God as well as humility will be lifted up with Christ!!!

I love you with the love that only Jesus Christ could give me to love with,
Mark Cannon

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